There is no argument that PVC pipes are the most used types of pipes in home drainage. The wide usage is as a result of the advantages that come with PVC pipes. PVC means plastic polyvinyl chloride. This essentially means that the pipes are made of plastic. However, PVC is a special plastic that lasts longer and offers better performance than other pipes. This reason contributes to its wide usage.


Advantages of PVC Pipes

The plastic polyvinyl chloride pipes are widely used because of the following advantages. To start with, they are denser than most plastic pipes. With these pipes, the user is comfortable with their performance. With their high-level density, PVC pipes serve their purpose to satisfaction.
Secondly, PVC pipes are easily accessible to anyone, and they are cheap to buy. PVC pipes are available in any area in their varied qualities, sizes, and prices. Thirdly, PVC pipes withstand high temperatures. This is because they are very hard compared to other plastic pipes. Lastly, PVC pipes have high-quality tensile strength. They are rigid and work perfectly. All these combine to make PVC everyone’s darling.

The major disadvantage of PVC pipes lies in their corrosivity. If great care is not taken when cleaning, PVC pipes may corrode and dirty the environment. By virtue of being plastic, PVC is prone to corrosion.


Tips for Buying Best Drain Cleaner for PVC Pipes

Buying best drain cleaner is a serious task that needs serious considerations. When buying these cleaners check for the following.

Non Corrosive Cleaners are Advised

The biggest weakness of PVC pipes is their corrosivity. When buying drain cleaners, the first priority should be based on their corrosivity. Corrosive drain cleaners may cause the pipes to drip or may tear it. When buying drain cleaners, avoid corrosive ones.

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Environmentally Friendly Cleaners

After cleaning the drain pipes, the cleaners will be disposed on the environment. Cleaners that dirty or harm the environment should be avoided like plagues. Always, the buyers are advised to check the effect of the cleaners on the environment before they can buy them. Try to avoid acidic, poisonous, or chemicalized cleaners.


Made From Natural Products

Corrosivity and effect on the environment are highly dependent on the products used to make the drain cleaners. The best ways to ensure safety and zero corrosion are by checking the ingredients. Natural products rarely corrode the pipe or harm the environment. Chemicalized drain cleaners may harm the user as well.


Non Acidic Cleaners

Acidic cleaners aid in corroding the pipes. The best maintenance for the PVC drain pipes is avoiding corrosion. Acidic cleaners have the effect of destroying the pipes and the environment.

In conclusion, PVC pipes offer the best experience a drain pipe can offer. To kill the life of a PVC pipe, you only need to use a wrong drain cleaner. This will corrode, destroy, drip, or tear the PVC pipes. Avoid acidic and environmentally destructive cleaners. Go for naturally produced drain cleaners.