Different Kinds of Pool Filters

When we are still little, we would always imagine what the things we want to have inside our houses in the future are. Every kid always dreamt of having a swimming pool built in their dream houses someday. Some people might not fulfill that dream, but who knows, others are now developing a home of their own, with a pool in it. Aside from water, there are other things and materials that you might when you are constructing a swimming pool inside your house. You may need to buy tiles for the pool, paint, lights, and a pool filter, maybe an intex sand filter. There are kinds of pool filters that you can choose from, which is appropriate for the swimming pool that you are building. Here are some of your choices:


Sand Filters


Sand filters used to be the only pool filter that is available back then. This kind of filter utilizes a uniquely graded sand as the channel media, and the water infiltrates the tank through the diffuser. Aa the water goes down to the patch of sand, the debris and dirt are caught between the grains of the sand. At the point when the water reaches the base of the filter, it enters the lateral, and it comes back to the swimming pool. The sand filter filters out dirt and debris down to around 40 microns in size, of course, anything smaller than that may presumably not be filtered out. The filter should be replaced every 3-5 years.

Cartridge Filters


Cartridge filters have become the most popular kind of pool filters for private and residential pools in the past years because it provides extraordinary water clearness and only requires minimum maintenance. Back then, cartridge filters are known to have a bad name because of its nuisance to maintain; however, the manufacturers have come up with more current filters that only need to be clean once or twice a year. This kind of pool filter utilizes a paper-types cartridge as the channel media. It is said that they produce the same water quality as filtration, and it is not as finely as DE filters. Another good thing with cartridge filters is that it helps in conserving water resources through its backwashing process.


DE Filters


DE filters are an exceptionally well-known type of pool filter back in the ’80s and ’90s. This kind of pool filter uses diatomaceous earth as channel media, and it has plastic frameworks that are secured with a plastic-type of fabric. The filter powder layer called Diatomaceous Earth ensures the grid and is responsible for filtering. Any trash down to 5-8 microns can be filtered out by DE filters because it is daintier than sand filters.…