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Facts to Know About Skirting Boards

Most homes today have skirting boards. Before looking at the typical uses and types of skirting boards, it would help if you understood how these pieces came about. While there is a lot that can be said about how skirting boards come about, it is believed that these boards were first used to conceal unsightly joints between wet plastered walls and the floor. Even though construction practices have evolved over the years, resulting in improved finishes, skirting boards remain relevant to date.

Why People Use Skirting Boards

Although skirting boards can still be used to serve their original purpose of concealing the discontinuity that exists between the floor and wall, they also provide a range of other benefits. Homes with wooden floors, for instance, need this discontinuity to allow for expansion and contraction caused by weather changes. For starters, skirting plays a crucial role in protecting the lower parts of your walls from knocks and abrasion that is common in these areas. While serving this protective role, skirting boards also offer an aesthetic feature to your home.

Types of Skirting Boards

Today, various construction shops specialize in selling skirting boards. This is enough evidence that skirting boards are essential in construction works. There are different types of skirting boards. But for this article, let’s look at those that are mainly used in residential properties.

MDF Skirting Boards

Medium-density fiberboards, also known as MDF boards, are among the most popular type of skirting boards. Their popularity among construction workers can be attributed to the fact that they are reasonably affordable, easy to use, and customizable. They also do not warp easily, and this makes them the best choice for damp areas such as the bathroom.

Softwood Skirting Boards

Softwood skirting boards offer a range of benefits to homeowners with contemporary decor. You can easily stain and customize it to suit your preferences. Even better, softwood skirting boards are re-usable, and this makes them a sustainable choice for homeowners.skirting

Hardwood Skirting Boards

Hardwood skirting boards are sturdy. This makes them ideal if you are looking for a skirting board to withstand knocks and abrasion in high traffic areas. Unlike softwood and MDF skirting boards, customizing hardwood skirting boards might be a bit challenging.

Skirting comes with many benefits and features. For maximum benefits, it would help if you buy skirting board and enlist the services of a professional.