clothes steamer

A cloth steamer is an effective and quick tool for getting rid of wrinkles from your clothing, furniture slipcovers, drapes, and linens. In fact, you will find the steamer easy to use, and you only need to follow a few tips to make you look like a pro. There are even different ways you can use it around your home.

Before You Buy

Before purchasing a clothes steamer, you should take adequate time to review tips that can help you make the right decision. In fact, professional cleaners know that steam is a gentle and perfect way of getting rid of wrinkles, freshen fabrics, and remove odors. You should note that steaming is faster as compared to ironing and will not damage or scorch most fabrics.


You need to consider where you will use the steamer most times. For instance, will you be using at home or when traveling? In that way, you can decide to purchase a travel steamer or home steamer to suit your needs.

Set Your Budget

As you know, steamers come at different prices. It is important to determine your budget when comparing features and prices.

Performance Ratings

There is a need to study how quickly the steamer heats, volume of steam output, capacity, and stability to prevent hot water burns and spills.

Energy Usage

It is advisable to read the manual of the steamer’s wattage and energy usage. Remember that large models need a lot of power to run. Thus, you should consider this plus your cleaning bills before buying.

Using a Steamer

steamerBefore you work on any given fabric, you should allow the steamer to heat. That will prevent sputtering of water and even leave marks before steam appears. You can test on the kitchen towel and ensure you have adequate steam. It is advisable to steam fabrics in the upright position. You can also hang the garments from the hook and leave the curtains hanging. The truth is that pressing down on the garment cannot help release wrinkles. Instead, it allows condensation of the steamer hose to flow down.

You should note that a steamer works by releasing the steam that penetrates and relaxes fibers of the material. In this way, it removes wrinkles. Certain materials such as silk ought to be steamed from the underside to prevent watermarks or streaking.

Do not hold your hand directly into steam. That is because burns occur quite quickly and always keep it far from children.