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An inflatable hot tub is mostly used outdoors. It is filled with air and can be moved from one area of the home to another. One of the biggest choices you may make is whether to buy a solid and static hot tub or inflatable hot tub. A hot tub expert Peter Smith will help you with choosing the right tub. If you would like to buy an inflatable hot tub, you should consider the following:


You should consider the number of adults who can sit together in the hot tub close together and side by side and still stretch well. For a hot tub used for a long hot massage and stretch out, you should consider the capacity since it might be smaller than advertised.

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When we talk about the cost, we mean the buying cost and the needed maintenance cost. It would be best if you considered the cost of energy, purchasing, the cost of chemicals needed for cleaning, and the water cost before buying an inflatable hot tub.

The luxury and mid-range inflatable hot tub models have more unique features like lighting, more powerful massage systems, internal seats, leather-style skins, and more accessories.


Many inflatable hot tubs are plug and play hot tubs. This means they have to be plugged into a normal household socket to run them and set them up. You should set your Inflatable hot tub at least 10 feet away from the socket to avoid water splashing into the sockets, which may cause electrocution or short circuit.

Extension cables should not be used with your inflatable hot tub. You should call an electrician to fix a socket where you need to use your inflatable hot tub.


Every inflatable tub comes with some accessories and features included in the price. They will make you enjoy right out of the box.

Some of the features you may find include underwater lighting, an insulated ground mat, headrests, internal seats, a drinks tray, floating thermal blankets, digital locks, a repair kit, a digital control panel, and so on.

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The demand for inflatable hot tubs has grown for the past few years, including manufacturing companies. A few companies cheaply and quickly produce some inflatable hot tubs just to cash in on the market.

You may see an inflatable tub that costs less, but it may cost you a lot later. To avoid regrets and headaches, go with the trusted companies since they invest a lot of money and time developing the inflatable hot tubs.